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Business Inspiration Quotes

READ THIS 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 ABUSE. I wrote these words to a friend of mine when she told me that she couldn’t understand why she still sought validation from an ex-boss that used to abuse her in a toxic working environment. Typically we expect abuse and toxic situations to make us less interested in someone’s validation, less interested in their opinion and less interested in impressing them, but the reality is very much the opposite. Abuse in any form erodes our self worth and when someone takes something from you (in this case your sense of worth), it’s easy to believe that they’re the only person able to return it to you.‬ This is in part why I get so many DM’s from people who can’t understand why they’re still trying so hard to get validation from their toxic abusive ex’s. It’s clear in nearly every case that in order to restore the thing a toxic situation took from you (your self esteem, your self worth, your confidence, your self belief) you MUST search elsewhere, searching in the same place that took it from you, is the easiest way to lose more of the very thing you’re searching for. You must search elsewhere. You must. I know I don’t know you - but I’m here for you through all this shit - I know it can be lonely and hard, I also know that YOU, stranger reading this, sat there, are capable of finding what you’re looking for - if you have patience, strength and a little bit of self compassion. Grateful, grudge-free, future focused people always seem to find what they’re searching for a lot faster, so be all of the above! Drop a ❤️ if you read the whole caption (thank you) leave your thoughts and comments below (will reply to all comments) xx


Business Inspiration Quotes

READ THIS 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 That isn’t your baby - you don’t have a responsibility to grow, change or heal all of their issues, problems and flaws. Your greatest responsibility is to yourself and their greatest responsibility is to themselves. People who are highly empathetic often feel the need to fix the issues they see in those they care about – they often do this at the expense of their own peace and if the person you’re trying to “fix” is taking less responsibility for their issue than you are – your attempts to fix them will most certainly fail. As friends, colleagues and family, I think we have a responsibility to support someone who is taking responsibility for themselves – I think that’s the role we play. I don’t think our job is to fix someone who doesn’t want to be fixed, someone who doesn’t want to do the work and someone who doesn’t want to change. In that case I think we can support, love and encourage from a healthy distance - without getting sucked into a contagious toxic situation that stands a chance of breaking us too. It’s not easy, it’s not straightforward, but In order to protect your own peace and productivity, It’s necessary. Let me know your thoughts? Have you struggled with this? What have you learnt? Tag a friend that you think should read this. I’ll respond to your comments below 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽


Business Inspiration Quotes

READ THIS 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 Even when it’s not easy, even when it might cost you something seemingly significant, even when you’ll face criticism, stand up for yourself today. The truth is, by not standing up for what you want, what you deserve and what you’re worth (because you think it’ll cause conflict) you’re accepting the conflict to carry on within side you and your mental well-being and peace cannot afford that in the long-term. Short-term pain for long term gain. We’re really good at tricking ourselves into thinking we have too much to lose by protecting our standards, this is an illusion – losing something that was harming you, is not a loss, it’s gain. You’ve gained peace, self-respect and happiness. If you stand up for yourself and your value, and that results in some people, jobs or partners not wanting you anymore – then be grateful that this necessary adjustment happened sooner rather than later – you’ve successfully cut ties with something that didn’t deserve you. Over the last 8 years I’ve really learnt the art of standing up for myself, what I believe and my value, standing up for myself has also helped me have empathy for others when they stand up for themselves too… I can’t tell you how much this has changed all elements of my life, my relationships and my overall satisfaction. Things don’t drag out unaddressed anymore and I don’t have to live with manipulators who doesn’t respect or appreciate me, within my circle. You don't lose real friends, real opportunities or real relationships when you start standing up for yourself and setting clear boundaries. You lose abusers, manipulators, narcissists, control freaks, attention seekers and mental-health destroying leeches. SO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF!! If you read this please leave an emoji below showing me how it made you think. If you’ve stood up for yourself, please do share your story below so others can be inspired by you! I’ll respond to all of your thoughts below ❤️


Business Inspiration Quotes

READ 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 Growing up, I thought fitting in was happiness, I went to disgraceful lengths to make sure I had the cool shoes, I pretended to like music that I didn’t in order to be accepted and I only gave the parts of myself to the world that I thought I had to in order to be part of the crowd, to be “one of the guys". It is so exhausting trying to fit in, I wasn’t doing the things that made me happy, I was doing things to conform to a crowd and ultimately to avoid scrutiny, my full potential was unused, I didn’t want to be seen as being weird for having different ideas or living my life differently. The first time I told a kid in school I wanted to start a business, I remember exactly how he laughed at me in my German class as he told me I couldn’t do that (by this time I had missed so much school I had dropped into bottom classes for most things). By 16 I started businesses, sixth form school trips and an under 18s events business. People talked shit about me all the time, I guess this was the crowd trying to pull me back in line. Fortunately, I was one of the more popular kids in my school (probably because I was so good at fitting in) and so my self-esteem was strong enough to carry on being myself. Some times I really wished I could act more like everyone else naturally, I wanted to be more like the rest of the guys. For whatever reason, I made the choice that I would just do me, lose some friends that the real Steve didn’t connect with, and go alone in the direction that my heart told me to. From 18 to 21 I was laughed at, doubted, criticised, disowned by my mum for 2 years and I lost many of the “friends” I had back home and “friends” I had in my new city, but I was happy! Really happy, because I was doing me! Fast forward a few more years and I’m giving all of me to the world, I’m surrounded by people I love that understand me, and by doing me and weathering the storm, I’ve built a life for myself that is my dream come true. I’ve never been happier. “Fitting in” would have made me miserable, it would have wasted my potential and I would be unfulfilled. Please don’t “Fit it” ❤️ Tag someone that needs to see this and share your stories with me! Xxx


Business Inspiration Quotes

QUESTION❓If you friends were a virus, if you could literally catch their personality, their character, which ones of your current friends would you spend the most time with? (TAG THEM IN THIS POST) Which ones would you avoid at all costs?😷 (DON’T TAG THEM)... science shows that the friends closest to you are one of the biggest influences on all of the key areas of your life - they even influence what you buy! So, your friends are just like a virus, you’re inadvertently catching whatever character traits they have... good or bad. This begs the question, why are you still associating with some of these people? “biggest we’ve got history” “because I’ve known them a long time” “because they’re family” “because I work with them”... these are some of the most common invalid excuses we tell ourselves in order to tolerate toxic influences. At some point you have to put your happiness over your history. At some point you need to put yourself first, hopefully before it’s too late and the damage they do is too great. You know they’re toxic, you know it, you ignore the red flags because a decision would require change, and as habit and comfort seeking humans, we often avoid short term change at the cost of long term pain. There’s a saying in business ... hire slow and fire fast ... in business the cost of a bad hire is tremendous... the damage a bad hire can do is tremendous... so we always focus on hiring people incredibly slowly, to make sure they’re right, and if we make a mistake, and hire a bad egg 🥚, we fire as fast as possible to prevent the harm continuing. The same should apply for our friendships - hire slow, fire bad friends fast! Do you agree? Have you got any stories to share? Any bad friends you’ve had to cut? As a show of appreciation tag the friends in your life that have had the greatest positive influence, and tell me how! I’ll respond to everyone below 👇🏽👇🏽


Business Inspiration Quotes

THE SAME APPLIES FOR YOUR PERSONAL LIFE. It’s incredibly hard to “unteach” old toxic traits in someone - and it’s important to know that it’s also not your responsibility to, you may choose to through love, but you must never believe you have an obligation or a responsibly to. Give me a nice, kind, humble, empathic team mate over a talented arsehole any day of the week! Give me a nice, kind, humble, empathetic friend or girlfriend over a famous rich friend or girlfriend any day of the week. Character over capabilities, always. ❤️ your thoughts?


Business Inspiration Quotes

READ THE CAPTION ❌❌❌ It’s time to call yourself out!! I’ve called myself out a lot this month. Here’s the truth, blame is easier and it doesn’t require us to assess ourselves and potentially harm our own ego and our own sense of righteousness, the safest way out of conflict for a fragile ego is to find someone or something to blame. And when we blame, our ego get’s out safely, but the issue that caused the conflict goes unresolved and so it’s only a matter of time before that conflict comes back around. You’re the reason you’re unorganised, you’re the reason you’re not in shape, you’re the reason why you can’t hold a job, you’re the reason you constantly get into conflicts, you’re the reason why the patterns you see in your life keep repeating themselves time and time again. And if you feel attacked when I say that, that’s your ego desperately trying to play self-defence. So many people will never make progress because their fragile self-defending ego has them trapped in a cycle where their own toxic trait, creates issues, they blame something, take no responsibility and therefore their toxic trait goes on unaddressed, free to create more issues and the cycle continues. Nothing will change until you start taking responsibility. Nothing will change until you break the cycle. But until you start caring more about your future, about progress, about your self-development, than you do about defending your ego. You’ll keep blaming the world and You’ll keep being unhappy with those results, and you’ll keep feeling frustrated that your lack of progress. Its time to break the cycle. ❌❤️❌ I’ve got a challenge - share your story below - share the toxic traits you’ve had to overcome within yourself, have you noticed this in anyone? Ex partners? Colleagues? Family? Let me hear your thoughts below - I’ll respond to everyone as usual 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽


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