@_duchess_of_sussex When Meghan met “Ballerina” ❤️ at the Bristol Old Vic. Sally Cordwell, the executive director of the theatre, carried her 3 year daughter Ocean, who captured the hearts of the couple after being introduced as 'Ballerina'. . 'Nice to meet you,' the Duchess told her. 'Is Ballerina your real name?' 'Are you a ballerina?' asked Harry, before being told that no, it was just the name she had chosen recently. As she tried to understand what Ocean was trying to tell her as she reached out to touch her, the Duchess guessed: 'My hair is curly? Oh, my hands are cold! Ohh, thank you for warming them up.' 'I love the hair,' said the Duke, poking her playfully on the nose. Asked about her daughter afterwards, Ms Cordwell joked: 'Her nursery was closed and I didn't have much choice really, so I'm making a statement for working women.' . #meghanmarkle #actor #princeharry #like4like #fashion #hot #girl #sexy #london #love #happy #wife #smile #outfit #follow4follow #followforlike #likeforlike #goodday #princess #royal #postoftheday


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Does that baby have dreadlocks?

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