Peter Halliday

The Big Apple, at Mumbles, Swansea. One of several, built in the early 1930s (of poured concrete, so it counts...) and scattered around the country to promote a cider brand called Cidertone, and now the last one remaining. The story almost ended in 2009, when a Ford Fiesta ploughed into it, causing extensive damage, but a 27k-strong Facebook campaign led to its refurbishment. Listed by Cadw in 2019 as “an iconic feature from the heyday of seaside entertainment”. #swansea #mumbles #bigapple #thebigapple #cider #kiosk #architecture #architectural #wales #visitwales #halliday #modernist #modernism #seaside #seasidetown #cadw


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@p.halliday james and the giant peach😊👍👍


Thanks so much @martianstanding 👍👍


Don't know about English but in Polish there's a saying that temporary mashups are the most permanent things. One installing those to promote a brand probably didn't have such a longspan of life for it 😱😎😍


Too true @jamesbeckerson 👍👍


This is really cool. Has someone tried breaking in? Or is that the damage that's not been fixed? Another possible holiday let of mine 😉

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