PURPLE PUNCH S1 FEMINIZED SEEDS! 🌱🌱 Live Now! Limited Packs! Will Sell Out! 💨💨 🔗 https://xtra.fyi/gps 🔗 Purple Punch S1 – Granddaddy Purple x Larry OG 🌴🥭🍍🥭 Purple Punch has become an instant hit with everyone in cannabis culture and is now one of the most popular genetics to add to the garden. Purple Punch has been involved in so many popular new crosses like the Mimosa, it is hard to resist paying attention to the power that her genetics bring to breeding. 🌴🥭🍌🍍 She was created by Supernova Gardens who crossed the world famous Granddaddy Purple to the legendary Larry OG. Purple Punch is a great all day smoke that will leave you relaxed but still functional. It offers an outstanding and noticeably identifiable tropical blast of fruity sweetness to go along with its delicious sweet candy like grape smell. The flowers are coated in resin and will constantly make you pull your camera out for pictures. This strain is cultivated by some of the top growers in the country such as the Jungle Boys of Los Angeles, California. 💨 S1 crosses are created by pollinating genetics with their own genotypes. This is done using a variety of methods that reverse the sex of the female clone. Then pollen can be created using the new male to then breed with the original genetic hoping to create a powerful new phenotype with the dominant genetic makeup of the parent. 📛 @greenpointseeds__gu @greenpointseedsbank @seedbankmag @heisenbeans_genetics @pnw_high_times 📛 #symbioticgenetics #ganja #420 #nyc #mmmp #weakisuseless #seedbankmag #heisenbeans #greenpointseedstester #purplepunch2 #thc #cannabiscommunity #brooklyn #marijuana #weedporn #getvigorous #weed #dank #greenpointseeds #weedstagram420 #cannabis #purplepunch #growyourown #cannabisseeds #brooklynvigorous #greenpointseeds1 #purplepunchf2 #seedbank


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