Day 24 of #clothshotaday2019 was HERO⠀ I won’t lie, this prompt had me stumped for days. But I went back to work for the first time in 8 months today, and it made me think, that mamas are heroes. All of us.⠀ The mamas who sacrifice their career to stay home with their babies. ⠀ The mamas who sacrifice time at home with their babies, to go to work. ⠀ The mamas who sacrifice adult conversations so they can work from home with their kids. ⠀ The mamas who have babes they will never again hold, or who they never got to meet. ⠀ The mamas who are flying solo, and raising their kiddos on their own. ⠀ The mamas who battle physical and mental illnesses. ⠀ The mamas who have been through hell and back for their kids, and would do it all again. ⠀ The mamas who feel invisible and forgotten. ⠀ The mamas who feel as though they’re failing but still try their best every day. ⠀ The mamas who have their shit together and are totally rocking this mum gig. ⠀ And every other mama in between. ⠀ We are heroes. Because we do it all, and we do it for love ❤️⠀ #suzisclothshot #getintocloth #clothnappies @australiannappyassociation


Playing catch ups now 😁⠀ Day 23 of #clothshotaday2019 was START⠀ This is the nappy that started my cloth obsession... A beautiful gift from my best friend, while I was still trying to figure out how to make cloth work for us. I put it on the bum and it fit like a dream. He pooped a few minutes later and it was all contained. I was sold! Down the rabbit hole I went 😜⠀ It’s surprising how attached you can get to pretty poop catchers. There are some that I could never part with because they were given to me with love. This is one of them 🙂⠀ #suzisclothshot #clothnappies #getintocloth @australiannappyassociation


Day 22 of #clothshotaday2019 was COLOUR⠀ One of my fave things about nappies is all the beautiful colours! I never thought I’d be a fan of minky, but here Leo is with his rainbow stack of minky prettiness 🌈 ⠀ #suzisclothshot #getintocloth #clothnappies @australiannappyassociation


Hands up if you suck at sticking to photo challenges 🙌🏼 When I discovered this cute kiwi nappy I knew it had to join my little nappy family. It reminds me of the country I was born and my family overseas 💚💚💚 Kiwi Ferns in the ferns for day 21 of #clothshotaday2019 (environment) #suzisclothshot #clothnappies #getintocloth @australiannappyassociation


One... I guess it’s easy to think that one small act won’t make a difference.⠀ But a friend wrote something yesterday, that really made me think. If you use just one cloth nappy each day, you’ve saved 365 disposables from ending up in landfill each year. And I think that’s a huge impact! I’ve had at least one kid in nappies for almost 6 years straight. If I used just ONE cloth nappy a day, that’s over 2000 nappies that wouldn’t have ended up at the dump. That’s a lot of nappies!⠀ ✨✨✨✨✨⠀ Welcome to our glorious and inspiring #self_love_sunday_loop. I have teamed up with a group of other talented artists, whom all share a passion for photography. We all agree how important photography is to us, but also the importance of seeing ourselves in our art. We are encouraging each other to dig into our creativity through a series of self-portraits. We hope you will follow along with us on this journey. ✨ Next up is the lovely and amazing @jamye_marie⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #getintocloth #clothnappies #suzisclothshot #clothshotaday2019 @australiannappyassociation


Peek 👀⠀ Love love love this cheetah placement on this beautiful nappy. It’s one of my absolute favourites. The bright happy colours get me every time! 💚💖💛🧡💙⠀ #suzisclothshot #clothshotaday2019 #getintocloth #clothnappies @australiannappyassociation


Splash! 💦⠀ I’m a slack mama and I haven’t taken this kid swimming yet. But I do envision this beautiful combo at the beach 😍 I’ve got a feeling Leo is going to be a little water babe! 💙⠀ #suzisclothshot #clothshotaday2019 #getintocloth #clothnappies @australiannappyassociation


Day 17 of #clothshotaday2019 is FEATURE⠀ Ice cream fever... You had me at yellow snaps 😍⠀ I never used to notice what colour the snaps on my nappies were, now they’re one of my fave features. I love how the yellow snaps go so beautifully with the yellow in the ice creams! Yellow is my fave colour so I’m partial to anything yellow anyway 😆 Beautiful nappy by @poppyandfig.au ⠀ #suzisclothshot #getintocloth #clothnappies @australiannappyassociation


Day 15 & 16 of #clothshotaday2019 are NEW and OLD (combining days cause I’m a day behind haha). ⠀ I guess you could say that both of these images show nappies which are both old and new. A lot of my stash is second hand. So while they were probably old to someone else, they’re new to me. The 3 beautiful nappies in the stack are off to a new home, where they’ll be loved by their new owner. The nappies in the second photo are my new second hand additions. Nappies I purchased specifically for “dad and daycare” purposes hehe. ⠀ Most of my nappies are one size fits most. And while giving you the most value for money, they can be a little fiddly to fit, especially if you’ve never used cloth before. So my new (old) velcro nappies are to make life easier for the people who will be caring for Leo while I’m at work. Because I don’t expect everyone to be as obsessed with cloth as me and I’m grateful they’re still willing to give it a go 💛 #suzisclothshot #clothnappies #getintocloth @australiannappyassociation


Day 14 of #clothshotaday2019 was MATCH⠀ I loved this print so much when I started my cloth journey, that I bought two 🙊 I’ve since sent one on to a new home, but it was pretty cool that I had two with identical print placements. I love the way Leo reached out to cuddle his brother in this photo 🥰 my boys may be rough and full of energy but they’re also beautiful and affectionate, and I hope they never change 💛⠀ #suzisclothshot #getintocloth #clothnappies @australiannappyassociation


Day 13 of #clothshotaday2019 is LEARN⠀ During this journey, I have learned lots of things, actually. ⠀ I’ve learned that changing nappies is WAY more fun when all your nappies are pretty. ⠀ I’ve learned that the cloth community is overwhelmingly a kind and generous bunch of people who genuinely want to make a difference in the world. ⠀ I’ve learned that I enjoy trying out lots of different brands and supporting work at home makers (WAHM’s), even if their nappies are notoriously difficult to get your hands on. ⠀ I’ve also learned a LOT about washing, and am so grateful my nappies come out of the wash sparkling clean and smelling amazing every single time!⠀ I think most importantly I’ve learned that small actions like choosing cloth over disposables, or plant based over animal products, or public transport over driving, or reusable items over plastic, all make a difference. We don’t all have to use cloth, just so long as we’re all doing what we can to leave this world a better place for the generations that come after us 💖 #suzisclothshot #clothnappies #getintocloth @australiannappyassociation


Friends who cloth together, stay together?⠀ Day 12 of #clothshotaday2019 is FRIENDS⠀ An unexpected side effect of using cloth nappies, is all the amazing friends I have made along the way. I’ve met some incredibly generous people who do kind things for others, not asking for anything in return. I feel like I’ve been incredibly lucky in my journey, so I like to share the love when I can 🥰⠀ Our beautiful Drops of Jupiter nappy just wasn’t getting the love it deserves, so it’s off to a new home, where its new owner will love it and give it a new lease of life 😉⠀ Some people may find sharing nappies or using second hand nappies gross, but it’s really not. If the point of using cloth is to cut down on waste, then using second hand nappies rather than brand new ones is another way to help. Most of my nappies are pre-loved and all get sanitised before going on the bum. Thank you @cleanclothnappies 😉⠀ #getintocloth #clothnappies @australiannappyassociation #suzisclothshot


Day 11 of #clothshotaday2019 is LIFESTYLE⠀ Not going to lie, most of our days these past 6 months have looked a lot like this hehe. All the pretty cloth nappies, snuggles, tickles, fun, and LOVE! I’ve been so incredibly grateful to have these months at home with my babes, to bond with Leo, adjust to life as a family of six, and spend time at home with Oscar before he goes off to school next year. ⠀ Just a few weeks left of my maternity leave, and I’m feeling slightly anxious about leaving my little sidekick, but I’m hoping he’ll be ok 😬🤞🏼⠀ #clothnappies #getintocloth @australiannappyassociation #suzisclothshot


Day 10 of #clothshotaday2019 is STASH⠀ It’s not often I have a full stash all washed and ready to go! There’s always one on the bum and others in the wash. But going away camping was the perfect excuse to get them all washed up and put away! ⠀ I love to share the love and support lots of different Aussie brands, but my fave are definitely my hand-made stash and my FAVE faves are my beautiful @poppyandfig.au nappies. The first I had ever heard of these were when I was gifted a set of inserts from one of the nappies. I was intrigued, and fell in love! I don’t often immediately connect with a brand but I did with Poppy & Fig, it’s like I could feel the love radiating from the nappies as weird as that sounds. So I set about trying to collect as many as I could! There’s a few items in upcoming releases I may have my eyes on 👀 #getintocloth #clothnappies @australiannappyassociation #suzisclothshot


So I thought it was time I mixed it up a bit and showed a photo of Leo’s face instead of his butt 😆⠀ Day 8 of #clothshotaday2019 is LOCAL⠀ I am loving our cloth nappies, but disposables exist for a reason. We’ve been camping at the farm for the past week and we’ve been in sposies because the drought is that bad, my mum in law can’t spare the water for the extra loads of nappies. Which is totally fine! It’s dry as dry out here, and we’re not even too far from the coast. The cattle have no grass left to eat, so they’re feeding up twice a day which may not be ideal, but gives the boys lots of opportunities for tractor rides 🚜 (the last photo shows how dry the creek is, it’s usually flowing but this is the only water we could find anywhere)⠀ I guess I just wanted to share that it’s fine to use cloth sometimes, or most of the time, or even not at all if it’s not for you. We all make our own small changes in our own ways, and that’s all anyone can do 🙂⠀ #getintocloth #clothnappies @australiannappyassociation #suzisclothshot


Day 8 of #clothshotaday2019 is “on the go”⠀ I HATE carrying a baby bag. They are so chunky and cumbersome! But I like my small, minimalist back pack 😂⠀ It fits a surprising amount in. I always carry two nappies, a change of clothes, some wipes, a change mat, a few wetbags, and some shopping bags. Plus a pen that I accidentally stole from the post office but the post office lady didn’t want back 😆 some bum cream for Leo, and a few toiletries... it’s amazing what you can pack into a little bag! And now I never go anywhere without nappies 😁⠀ #getintocloth #clothnappies @australiannappyassociation #suzisclothshot


Ooh look, I’ve made it a whole week through a photo a day challenge 🤣 go me!⠀ Day 7 of #clothshotaday2019 is community. ⠀ Something I never expected when starting my cloth journey, is the amazing community of like minded mamas, dads & other carers I would come across. In a world where highly sought after nappies can sell for HUNDREDS (yep hundreds) in auctions, I’ve seen incredible acts of generosity and kindness. Most of my nappies are second hand, a couple might even be considered as “unicorns” (rare items which don’t often come up for sale and almost never at RRP).⠀ Buy Sell Swap groups are crazy competitive, but I’ve seen amazing acts of generosity including countless RAOK’s, ballot sales of highly sought after items to give everyone a fair chance at purchasing at RRP, and mamas selflessly parting with loved items to make others happy. ⠀ This is just one of many beautiful nappies I was able to purchase below RRP because of the generosity of another mama. Poor Leo gets all the pink and pretty and florals because, last babe 😭⠀ #getintocloth #clothnappies @australiannappyassociation #suzisclothshot


Leo was NOT keen to share his bean with Valentino 🤣⠀ When I discovered “Bunnyland” by @poppyandfig.au I just knew it had to join our little stash. We love our cheeky, naughty and way too smart bunny 🐇 ⠀ #clothshotaday2019 #getintocloth #clothnappies @australiannappyassociation #suzisclothshot


OK, so it’s not exactly “twinning”, but for as long as Remy isn’t toilet trained I’ve been taking every opportunity for matchy bums 😆 food themed nappies are a massive hit in this house, although I have noooo idea why?! 🤔😂😋 (Leo is equally as obsessed with food as Rem, so I’m sure once he’s old enough he’ll pick food themed nappies first too 😁)⠀ #clothshotaday2019 #getintocloth #clothnappies @australiannappyassociation #suzisclothshot


Today’s prompt for #clothshotaday2019 is CUDDLES⠀ Something we do a lot of around here ☺️ all my boys are very affectionate and love their mama cuddles. And I love cuddling them right back. There’s nothing cuter than cuddling a babe with a pillowy cloth butt hehe. You should see how chunky his butt is with his night nappy, it’s a little hilarious 🙊⠀ #getintocloth #clothnappies @australiannappyassociation #suzisclothshot


Day 3 for #clothshotaday2019 is FAMILY⠀ The boys absolutely love our cloth nappies. Remy loves to look at all the different designs, and is my best helper, always choosing which nappies will go on the bum next!⠀ I never expected for Remy to be three and not toilet trained. It’s not like he hasn’t tried, it just hasn’t clicked for him yet, and it’s been a loooong journey this time around. With how easily the other two picked it up at 2, I assumed he would as well! So here we are, two cute little cloth bums wearing all the matchy nappies until toilet training is finally complete (🤞🏼 this summer) ⠀ #getintocloth #clothnappies @australiannappyassociation #suzisclothshot


Day 2 for #clothshotaday2019 🙂 Today’s prompt is ZERO - I could say zero waste but we’re not there yet 😂 so zero is for the amount of smells in our home since starting cloth 💃🏼 A surprising (and pleasant) discovery since beginning this cloth journey, is that cloth nappies have next to no smell! Yep not even kidding. I don’t often realise if someone has done a 💩, I don’t have to worry about smelly bins, and amazingly the nappies don’t even smell while they’re waiting to be washed 🤷🏼‍♀️ don’t ask me how, it’s some kind of magic. These days it’s recommended to “dry pail” dirty nappies rather than soaking them, as it stops bacteria and other yuckies from building up and prolongs the life of nappies. A quick spray with my laundry hose, straight in the dry pail (a breathable basket) and they’re good to sit for a couple of days until I have enough for a load! Swipe to see my cleaning setup - it’s really very straightforward. #getintocloth #clothnappies @australiannappyassociation #suzisclothshot


Get ready, because a bunch of iPhone snaps are comin at ya!⠀ I haven’t done a photo-a-day challenge in FOREVER because I suck at sticking to them, but maybe the #clothshotaday2019 challenge is a good reason to take all the photos and share my love of cloth nappies 😍⠀ I got into cloth because I wanted to make a positive contribution to the environment... But I discovered something completely unexpected; that putting pretty poop catchers on my kid’s butt brings me so much joy. Just look at that rainbow of happiness! 💖💜💙💚💛🧡❤️ Day 1: LOVE #getintocloth #clothnappies @australiannappyassociation #suzisclothshot


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